Tandem Submission Guidelines

Please read guidelines thoroughly prior to submitting.

Submission Windows
Spring issue: January 1 - 31 (comes out in April)
Autumn issue: July 1 - 31 (comes out in October)

Tandem is a collaborative rengay-only print journal. Submissions must be in-hand by the end of the submission period.

Although longer versions of rengay exist, we are accepting only 6-verse rengay. Rengay may have 2, 3, or 6 authors, in the following formats:
2 authors (A & B): A-3 | B-2 | A-3 | B-3 | A-2 | B-3
3 authors (A, B, & C): A-3 | B-2 | C-3 | A-2 | B-3 | C-2
6 authors (A, B, C, D, E, & F): choose either format for 2 or 3 authors.
A-3 | B-2 | C-3 | D-3 | E-2 | F-3 or A-3 | B-2 | C-3 | D-2 | E-3 | F-2

Each rengay must have a title. Indicate the author of each verse by placing initials next to each (these will be removed in final print form).

Only one submission, up to 5 rengay, per submission period from any particular collaborative group. A given poet may submit any number of times with different collaborative groups. Rengay must be previously unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere. ‘Previously published’ includes print and online journals, as well as public social media, such as blogs, etc.

Submissions may be made by email only. Put ‘Tandem Submission’ in the Subject Line to make sure it isn’t accidentally overlooked. Please include rengay in the body of the email. NO attachments. Note any special formatting in your email text.
Include the full names of all the authors as they wish them to appear in the journal, as well as the location of each author (City, State/Province, Country).

Also include a short bio for each author (maximum of 75 words each). Each bio should include one fun fact about the author. We prefer bios that aren’t lists of publications. Remember: submissions are not complete and won't be considered without the bios. Poets who have had work published in Tandem need not supply a new bio, unless they want to make a change to the version we have on file.

Send to Marcyn Del Clements — tandem dot mclements at gmail dot com

Submissions will be read and considered by the entire editorial staff. Rengay will be accepted when at least two of the editors have chosen the poem for inclusion.
Selections will be made within 2 months of the end of the submission periods.
Poets will be notified as to whether or not their poems will be included. Acceptance notices will also include the poem, to confirm spelling and formatting.
Each subsequent issue will feature an “Editors’ Pick”: a favorite rengay from the previous issue.

If you have any questions regarding submissions, contact either Ignatius Fay ( or Seren Fargo (tandemrengay dot seren at gmail dot com)

Tandem retains first publication rights for accepted work. Once published, rights revert to the author, but Tandem retains the right to reprint the work in future editions, anthologies, etc.

Tandem is unable to provide compensation for contributed work.