Notes & Links

Good Rengay have

  • a unifying theme that runs throughout. Superior rengay have more than one theme without the themes seeming forced; each verse responds, in some way, to the preceding verse;
  • verses that can stand alone as poems
  • a title that reflects the theme(s), but does not seem obvious;
  • 2-line verses that are not simply 3-line haiku written in two lines.

Rengay Information

For additional information on rengay formats and more writing tips, please check out these links:

Garry Gay, the creator of the rengay form
Garry Gay on Rengay

Michael Dylan Welch’s website, Graceguts, has a page devoted to essays about rengay, including what it is, how to write it. The site offers several essays on rengay and a list of pertinent links. A wealth of information.

The Rengay Verse Form by J. Zimmerman is a webpage devoted to defining rengay and how to write them.

Notes & Links